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Do you like to feel younger next year?

This is my treatment goal.

to make your body move better, feel better, and live happier.


When you have pain or discomfort with your body, 

this can turn you into a person that you don't

want to be.

Ignoring pain is not a condition that you need to live with

Because you are old??  I am seeing many clients say so.

But imagine 10years later, you won't think you were old at your age now.


Because of your job?

The main task in your life is to be happy!

That is most important job.

If you don't care about you, you might not be able to keep working longer.

I want you to remember how great feeling without any pain and it should be.

You will get more energy and motivation.

This is my goal of our treatment.

                                                          Misato / myotherapist