About Myotherapist

        and My story


Myotherapy saved my back and my life.

I have been a massage therapist for more than 12years and been myotherapist for 4years now. but I had been struggling with my back pain. but not any more!


I had DDD(degenerative disc disease) in my lumbar(L4.5 S1) that was caused by the bulged disc and sciatic nerve pain.

But I have no pain anymore. After I knew myotherapy.


I have suffered from massive lower back pain and had attacks of it 3 times in my life. The Worst one was total agony. I could not move without pain. Any tiny movement gave me electric shock shooting pain that ran through the whole my body.  I had to stop work and I thought that I would not be able to back to go back to work anymore. That whole episode made me depressed and I suffered from bouts of anxiety.

My back was getting worse so it felt, although I have been doing Yoga for more than 10years, I was thinking because of age and nothing could help my back pain.

But I did not give up!! and kept on trying anything that could help to relieve my back pain. I had read, that if you have very bad back pain in your 30s, you are highly likely to end up in a wheelchair later in life, and I really didn’t want that to happen to me.

First Myotherapy course in QLD,   I studied Myotherapy and learnt so much about the human body and how it deals with pain.  I feel like I am now pain-free, while I manage my body using a combination of exercise, diet, yoga and following myotherapy principles


Myotherapy has methods of managing and relieving pain using a variety of techniques, not only hands-on treatment, such as dry needling. Cupping, taping…and of course Massage

I would love to share my experience and you to experience

If you have been suffering from long term chronic pain and struggling to manage it, Try and experience myotherapy, hope I will see your smile.





*Advanced Diploma of remedial therapy / Myotherapy (Q academy /Brisbane)

*Diploma of remedial massage (Australian institute applied science  AIAS / Brisbane)

*Certificate 4 massage therapy( TAFE cairns)

*pregnancy massage(Q academy Brisbane)

*Advanced / basic Thai traditional massage (Chiang Mai /Thai land)

*Yoga instructor (Matsushita yoga academy/japan)